Hospital Bill Negotiators

Hospital bills can be exorbitant because health care is very expensive nowadays. Many hospitals will charge thousands more than insurance will ever pay. Most of the time, they will accept what insurance will eventually pay, but at times the patient is left with a hefty co-pay or deductible. It is not unusual for a hospital to charge $40,000  for a hip replacement. If a patient has health insurance, then health insurance will decide to pay maybe $12,000, and the patient’s portion will be another $2,000. This is because the insurance company has a contract with the hospital for discounts.

If a patient has no insurance, then the hospital not only will charge $40,000, but it will collect it.

Nowadays, we also have a situation where the deductibles could be as much as $10,000. So even if one has insurance, and the insurance has a contract with the hospital, in the above case on a $40,000 dollars bill by contract, the hospital will accept $12,000. The insurance then will pay $2,000 and the remaining $10,000 will be the patient’s responsibility. A lot of times the patient can call the hospital and see if they can discount the $10,000 dollars that he owes. Sometimes, hospitals will accept. The hospital negotiator is a professional that will negotiate with the hospital on the patient's behalf. The negotiator will have to have power of attorney just for this negotiation so he/she can proceed. Of course, he needs to get paid for his services by the patient. Often, this is a percentage of how much money he can save.

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