Fast Facts
Name: H.T. Kurkjian, M.D. Diplomate American Board of Urology 
Specialty: Urology
Board certified: Urology
Appointments   In 1 to 3 days
105 S Bryant Ave Suite 303

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Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 348-6130
Hospital Staff  OU Edmond Medical Center
Oklahoma Kidney Stone Center
Services: Kidney Diseases Incontinence (urine Leakage, bed wetting) Diseases of the Genitalia
Kidney Surgery Bladder Cancer Impotence (sexual dysfunction)
Kidney Cancer Hematuria (blood in urine) Penile Prostheses (penile implants for sexual dysfunction)
Kidney Stones Diseases of the Prostate ESWL
Bladder Diseases BPH (enlargement of prostate) Epididymitis
Bladder Surgery Vasectomy Prostate Cancer
Cystitis Turp, Open Surgery Microwave of the Prostate
Cancer of Prostate-Ultrasound Laser Surgery of Prostate Kidney Failure

Please check with the doctor's office if your insurance is not listed

Accountable Health Plans Columbia/HCA EPO Health Plan NPPN - National Preferred Provider Network
Aetna Healthcare Community Care HMO One Source/CCN
Aetna Partners CompMed PPO PacifiCare Commercial
Aetna PPO Custom Provider Networks PacifiCare Health Systems
America's Health Plan Evolutions Healthcare System PacifiCare/Secure Horizons
BCBS Federal Focus Healthcare PPO Oklahoma
Beech Street FOCUS Workers Comp PPO Oklahoma
Beech Street PPO Foundation Health - Commercial (HMO) Preferred Community Choice Compmed
Blue Choice Foundation Health - Tricare Fed Svcs Preferred Community Choice PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield Guardian Resources PPO Preferred Community Choice Select
Blue Cross PPO Health care Oklahoma HMO Preferred Health Network
Blue Preferred Health Network Preferred health network
Blue Traditional Healthchoice HPSI Private Healthcare System
Bluelincs - Commercial Heartland Health Plan Private Healthcare Systems
Bluelincs HMO Advantage Humana Pronet
Bluelincs/Primecare Med Grp Macklanburg - Duncan EPO Secure Horizons
Bluelincs/Primecare Med Grp CCN Managed Care Inc Sooner Health Plan
CCN/Onesource PPO Managed Care Inc. Sooner Healthplan Preferred PPO
Cigna Medicaid Sooner Healthplan Select EPO
Cigna Health Plan HMO Medicare United Health Care Management
Cigna PPO MetraHealth/United health United Healthcare
Columbia/HCA EPO Health Network National Provider network

105 S Bryant Ave Suite 303

Patient Information


When you call to make an appointment tell the receptionist in which office you would like to be seen. After your visit, it is best to make your next appointment before leaving the office. Please tell the receptionist if any x-ray, blood work, or test has been ordered for that appointment.

Appointment Hours:

Edmond: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon


For your x-rays it is important to follow the instructions that you have been given very carefully, so that the best possible results may be obtained.

Telephone Calls:

In order to provide prompt and efficient care, our staff has been specially trained to relay your problem to the doctor, answer questions, and help you with referrals. It would be of benefit to you if necessary calls were made as early as possible after 8:45 a.m.

In non-emergency situations, we ask that when you call, please leave your name, phone number, and the nature of your call. For greater efficiency, please have your questions written down and have a  pencil and paper at hand to write down the answers. If you anticipate a prescription call, then tell the receptionist about your allergies and medication you're on. Be sure to give them the phone number of your pharmacy and your home number where you can be reached after working hours. Your calls will usual be returned between 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. or between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Nights and weekends:

If you need the doctor, when the office is closed, you may call: 348-6130. If it is an emergency, then:

  1. Call EMSA at 911
  2. Report the doctor's name to EMSA and ask them to transport you to the emergency room at Edmond or Mercy.


Refills of prescription drugs will be authorized only during office hours in order that we may maintain accurate information in your record and comply with federal drug regulations, only prescriptions for emergency conditions will be called after office hours. No narcotic refills at any time outside of office hours.

Test Results:

X-ray and other test results will be given to you at the time the tests are done. Urine culture results will be available in 72 hours. Blood tests and 24 hour-urinalysis will be available 7 days/wk while biopsy results will be available in 72 hours. You are responsible for calling for your test results. We ask that when you call, to please leave your name, phone number, the test you had done and the day on which it was done. We will obtain your test results and call you back.


We will be happy to file your insurance at no cost to you.