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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What causes blood in the urine?

Answer: Blood in the urine may be the result of a serious illness in the urinary system.  It needs to be investigated in most cases.

Question:  What is a PSA?

Answer: A PSA is a blood test to detect cancer of the prostate (see brochure) 

Question:  Is a vasectomy reversible?

Answer:  Reversal of a vasectomy can be done.  The success rate is about 90%.  However the best results are obtained within 5 years after the vasectomy.

Question: What causes "flank pain" or "pain in the ribs"?

Answer: Flank pain may be caused by a kidney stone

Question: What causes a lump in the testicle?

Answer: A lump in the testicle could be a tumor, if you notice this, you should make an appointment to be seen.